ClearBox Server™ v1.2 Developer's Guide

Debugging Server Extension

ClearBox Server usually is run as Windows NT service, and debugging COM-server created in a service may become a non-trivial task. To facilitate this process, ClearBox Server can be run as standalone console application, allowing extensions to be debugged as usual in-process COM-servers.

To make server run as a console application, it must be run from command line:

cbsrvr.exe -debug

To debug extension in Microsoft Visual Studio development environment:

  1. Open the Project Settings window. Click Settings on the Debug menu or press Alt-F7 to open it.
  2. Switch to the Debug tab. Specify ClearBox Server executable (cbsrvr.exe) with full path to it in the Executable for debug session box.
  3. Type "-debug" (without quotes) in the Program arguments box.
  4. Place breakpoint in code you want to debug or use Run to Cursor debugger feature (Ctrl-F10).

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