ClearBox Server™ v1.2 Developer's Guide


When to Implement

It's implemented by separate COM object for any particular NAS type.

When to Use

Server may use the object implementing this interface to track NAS sessions when extension needs to synchronize its database of current sessions records with NASes.

Methods in Vtable Order

INASManagement Methods Description
Called by server to initialize synchronization object.
Called by server when IRADIUSAccounting::ProcessAccounting or ITACACSAccounting::ProcessAccounting return A_DISCONNECT value indicating that user should be disconnected from the NAS.
Called by server to receive list of users currently connected to the NAS.


As NASes produced by different vendors provides differents methods of access to them, synchronization objects have to be created for every type of NAS involved in synchronization process (e.g., one type of object for Cisco routers, another type for 3COM routers, etc.) or type of access (SNMP, RSH, etc.).


Declared in <server installation path>\SDK\SyncExtension.tlb

See Also

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