ClearBox Server™ v1.2 Developer's Guide


Called by server to ask extension if it is capable of processing this type of packets.

HRESULT CanProcessPacket(
	[in] unsigned char packetCode,
	[in] long clientIPAddress);


[in] RADIUS packet code.

Possible standard values are:

  • Access-Request (1)
  • Acc
  • ounting-Request (4)
[in] IP address of the client that sent the packet.

Return Values

If extension is capable of processing this type of packets, it must return S_OK, S_FALSE otherwise.

Thread Safety

This method is called in context of WORK thread. (See Server Threads Model for details.) You should synchronize data which is shared with other threads.


Server extension may indicate that it can process any packet type (e.g. Status-Server [12]), not only authentication or accounting requests.

See Also

IRADIUSProcessor, RADIUS authentication packet processing, RADIUS accounting packet processing

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