ClearBox Server™ v1.2 Developer's Guide


Defines whether this copy of ClearBox Server is registered or not.

HRESULT IsServerRegistered(
	[out] BSTR * regName);


[out] Is set to the name of user who registered ClearBox Server. It is valid if method returned S_OK value.

Return Values

S_OK if server is registered, S_FALSE otherwise.

Thread Safety

This method can be called from any thread.

Memory Management

Server may allocate memory for regName parameter, and then it must be freed by server extension.

Example Code

This code uses m_pServer as IServer interface pointer stored in ICommonExtenderEx::InitializeEx implementation.

BSTR regName=NULL;
HRESULT hRes=m_pServer->IsServerRegistered(&regName);
if (hRes==S_OK)
	// use regName

See Also

IServer, Server services

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