ClearBox Server™ v1.2 User's Guide

Maintaining RADIUS Dictionary

ClearBox Server uses RADIUS dictionary as its essential part needed to work properly with various RADIUS attributes. This dictionary is stored in MS Access database with its own data schema (<installation directory>/RadDict/raddict2k.mdb). It may be a tiresome task to input attributes manually into the database tables, so ClearBox Server comes with Dictionary Parser tool. It takes a dictionary text file with attributes definitions, parses them and inputs in the database automatically. So if the database is broken or something similar happens, it can be easily re-created from the dictionary text file which is also provided (Its name is <installation directory>/RadDict/radius.dct).

RADIUS dictionary from the distribution package contains all known standard RADIUS attributes, described in RFC papers, and Microsoft vendor-specific attributes described in RFC 2548. If any other vendor-specific attributes should be used by ClearBox Server, they must be imported into the database with Dictionary Parser. Either write attributes description file manually or request XPerience Technologies to send it to you.

For all further instructions and description of dictionary text file format read Dictionary Parser Documentation.

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