ClearBox Server™ v1.2 User's Guide

What's New

ClearBox Server v1.2

  • Built-in support of EAP-MD5 authentication protocol. Existing server extensions may use of it without any changes.
  • New advanced tutorial and sample server extension included. Now it may use for authentication MS Access, MS SQL, ODBC-compliant data sources, Windows Active Directory and NT SAM database.
  • Server Manager enhancements for easier troubleshooting. It now has buttons to open Event Viewer and error log file quickly.
  • PAP passwords may be logged in debug packets dumping in cleartext.
  • IServer2, ILivingstonAccounting and ICSVAccounting interfaces introduced. They provide new server services of accounting and debug logging.
  • Bug with proxy-forwarding Message-Authenticator attributes is fixed.

Versions History

ClearBox Server v1.15

  • Raw packet data dumping feature introduced.
  • Minor bug fixes in Client Tool.
  • CHAP and MS-CHAP challenges may now have an arbitrary size.
  • Server returns 'MS-CHAP2-Success' attribute with the right code.
  • Dictionary Parser parses VENDOR directives correctly.
  • 'Proxy-State' attributes from request packets are included in response packets correctly.

ClearBox Server v1.1


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