Release notes for ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 7.0.3

January 4, 2020

  • Changed: OpenSSL lib updated to 1.0.2u
  • Added: 'Server state' configuration object may be cloned via context menu
  • Fixed: RADIUS attributes treated as unsigned integers
  • Fixed: Client TLS certificate subsequent creation doesn't fail

Older Releases

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 7.0.1

  • Added: Use # in SQL template string to insert hex-symbols formated strings (like '{#Calling-Station-Id}')
  • Added: Importing user accounts from Excel
  • Added: Syslog client now supports both legacy RFC 3164 and RFC 5424
  • Added: Automatic discovery of domain controllers when checking domain group membership
  • Added: Error-Cause attribute
  • Fixed: 'All pipe instances busy' error when using Online Logging

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.6.*

  • Added: When configuring realm rules, you may test if a specified AD user matches the group requirement
  • Added: Debug logging at level 2 lists group names found for an AD user
  • Fixed: Pre-defined check-List SQL for internal users database
  • Fixed: Problems validating client certificates
  • Fixed: Memory leaks when writing accounting data to files
  • Fixed: Logging failed request password with $2p both for 'user not found' and 'password is incorrect' cases

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.5.*

  • Added: Support for client IP ranges using CIDR notation
  • Added: Option to automatically add Eevent-Timestamp attributes to Packet-of-Disconnect requests
  • Fixed: SQL editor window is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed: UserBox SQL execution is now case insensitive when accessing table fields
  • Fixed: MySQL authorization SQL failures now don't cause the server to crash
  • Fixed: 'Logon hours limits' SQL command may now be void

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.4.*

  • Dynamic Authorization (RFC 5176) support, with handling Packet-of-Disconnect and Change-of-Authorization requests via new REST API
  • Escaping quotes in passwords injected in SQL commands
  • Fixed: bug with multiple SQL connections
  • Fixed: Certificates Wizard now doesn't delete .conf, alowing to manually override parameters
  • Fixed: Crashed with Reject-Response attributes being added during PEAP authentication
  • Crash report added for the Control Centre app
  • Fixed: "Error creating file ..." messages occuring in midnight
  • Added: Separate debug log file with easy separation of requests by thread id
  • Added: State server can use request RADIUS attributes for 'get sessions count' SQL command

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.3.2

  • Fix for PEAP/MS-CHAPv2 with AD authentication

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.3.1

  • Quick find tool for configuration objects, like realms, clients, etc
  • MS-MPPE keys are generated for pure MS-CHAPv2 when AD authentication is turned on

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.3.0

  • Memory leaks fixed
  • Server configuration replication to secondary servers

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.2

  • TLS 1.2 is fully supported to enhance compatibility with Windows 8 and 10 wireless clients
  • OpenSSL library version updated to 1.0.2j
  • New ciphersuites with SHA256 are available for TLS

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS 6.1.6

  • BUGFIX: Password policy is saved now correctly