ClearBox Server™ v1.2 User's Guide

Key Features List

  • ClearBox Server is a 32 bit multithreaded application written in C++ with low CPU & memory usage. It provides excellent performance and reliability on all Windows NT platforms and makes use of your multi-processor equipment.
  • Complete support of TACACS+ protocol (including Authentication, Authorization & Accounting), full implementation of "The TACACS+ Protocol Version 1.78" draft.
  • Complete support of RADIUS protocol (including Authentication & Accounting), RFC 2865, 2866, 2869.
  • ClearBox Server can operate as powerful RADIUS proxy server.
  • Full support for all types of RADIUS attributes; all types of Vendor-Specific Attributes including multiple attributes inside the same VSA, non-standard attribute IDs or length fields, subfields, and much more. (RFC 2548, 2867, 2868, 2869, 3162).
  • Built-in support for UTF-encoded attributes.
  • Implemented as Windows system service for safe operation and management.
  • Powerful COM-based open API for RADIUS and TACACS+ transactions processing, API for RADIUS attributes dictionary, Synchronization Modules.
  • Server-provided service interfaces for debug and accounting logging (in Livingston and CSV format).
  • Customizable RADIUS dictionary implemented as MS Access database with tools to import attributes definition from text files.
  • Sample server extensions with full source code provided. Advanced extension authenticates users with MS Access, MS SQL, ODBC data sources, Windows Active Directory, NT SAM database. It also stores accounting records in a log file (in Livingston or CSV format) or in a database.
  • Administration tool "Server manager" implemented as ActiveX plug-in for local/remote server setup, configuration, administration and monitoring. With "Server Manager" you can manage server service, adjust server and extension settings, backup and restore settings, view server transactions, view server statistics...
  • Advanced logging mechanism capable of debug dumping content of all incoming/outcoming packets to Server Manager, NT Event Log and disk files.
  • Logging raw dumps of incoming/outcoming RADIUS and TACACS+ traffic.
  • Built-in support for 'realms'.
  • Built-in support for PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP, MS-CHAPv2, ARAP, EAP-MD5 authentication.
  • Built-in support for Synchronization Modules which track list of NAS users and synchronize server extension's state server.
  • COM interfaces for custom handling EAP and ARAP messages.
  • AutoReject feature.
  • ClearBox Server can operate as a simple TACACS+ proxy server (via FOLLOW directive).
  • Wide range of configurable settings that are independent from extension used by server.

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