ClearBox Server™ v1.2 User's Guide

Installing ClearBox Server

ClearBox Server operates together with sever extension to process requests. Generally, you will create server extension by yourself or make XPerience Technologies do this work for you. But the server is supplied with two sample server extension which can be used to try ClearBox Server. See Tutorial to learn what it can do and how they are created.

If you have already installed version of ClearBox Server prior to v1.2 , please read how to upgrade your installation.

To make ClearBox Server work with this server extension, do the following steps:

  1. Open Server Manager tool and click Connect. Leave the password box empty and click OK. An error message will appear telling that ClearBox Server is not running. Ignore it, pressing OK.

  2. Input a password you will use to connect to ClearBox Server using Server Manager. Input it twice in boxes located at the right top corner of the form and click Set new password.

  3. Switch to the Server settings tab and select Base settings branch in the left tree. Type
    text into the Server extension ProgID box and click Save.

  4. Edit Advanced Extension settings. They are located in <server installation path>\SDK\AdvancedExt\Bin\settings.ini>. Read more about how these settings can be configured.
  5. Input data in the database if you configure server extension to use database authentication or accounting. By default server extension uses MS Access database that is located in <server installation path>\SDK\AdvancedExt\Bin\radtac.mdb> (it can be accessed by the shortcut in the Sample Extension/Database menu). Read more about this database schema.
    Note, that you cannot use user names and passwords longer than 4 characters in unregistered version of ClearBox Server.
  6. If you plan to use MS SQL Server instead of MS Access, create a new database and run <server installation path>\SDK\AdvancedExt\Bin\radtac.sql> script.

Now ClearBox Server is ready for use. Switch to the Service management tab and start the server clicking Start. If you've made all the steps correctly, server's state will change to 'running'. Statistics and logging functions of Server Manager will become available only after you reconnect to ClearBox Server. To do it, press the Disconnect button and Connect again. Specify the password you chose in the second step.

If server doesn't start, it means that some error occurs during its startup. See Troubleshooting article to see how it can be found and removed.

If you need to change some function or behavior of the server extension send us a request to get customized server extension FOR FREE. In your letter specify you technical requirements.

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