ClearBox Server™ v1.2 User's Guide


Server does not start

First, check error log file for any possible errors. To learn more about it see Logging article. If log file does not exist at all or has no entries with current date and time, check NT Event Log for server errors.

To open it, select "Start" menu, "Programs", "Administrative Tools", "Event Viewer". Select "Application Log" item and locate the latest entry with "Type" equal to "Error" and "Source" column equal to "ClearBox Server".

If an error is found, see Errors list for an explanation of an error and possible solution. If it does not help, see Technical Support page for further instructions.

All these operations can be done more easily with Server Manager. Open Server Manager, connect to the server (even if it's stopped), and on Service management tab click Event Viewer or Error logs buttons.

Using Client Tool

This tool can be used to check if ClearBox Server is running and operates normally. It can emulate any NAS; with its use any packet can be constructed and sent to the server. This may help also to debug server extensions.

See Client Tool Help for more details.

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