ClearBox Server™ v1.2 User's Guide

What It Is

There some servers on the market implementing RADIUS and TACACS+ protocols, using some set of data sources for authentication, authorization and accounting. Only few of them provide programmatic interfaces for customization of server behavior.

ClearBox Server makes a step ahead. It offers the model of fully customized and extendable server. It has only these functions built-in which are common for all scenarios of server usage. See Features section for their list.

All other functions (which make actual work, such as storing user's passwords or processing accounting records) should be implemented in special external modules called "server extensions". These extensions are dll modules containing COM servers. A rich set of COM interfaces is designed, containing flexible methods for RADIUS and TACACS+ packet processing. These interfaces form several levels of abstraction, from high-level interfaces for managing users' passwords to interfaces for custom packet processing. For example, if server should process RADIUS accounting packets, IRADIUSAccounting interface must be implemented. Server extension can be developed in any COM-enabled language, such as Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland Delphi.

Server extension is implemented either by server user or by XPerience Technologies when you order it. Server extension implementation is an easy process. We provide full documentation on server extension interfaces and a tutorial, with full source code, showing step by step how to create a server extension.

Why and When Should I Use ClearBox Server?

ClearBox Server is the best choice when other products don't have such features that you need, they don't function as you wanted them to. Choosing ClearBox Server you will never pay for functions you don't need. Server extension will do exactly what it must do for the lowest possible price and with the highest efficiency.

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