Enterprise RADIUS Version Overview

ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS server edition is for those who needs full set of features a RADIUS server may provide. It scales well with your hardware and can tolerate high load produced by your network equipment.

The amount of things you can monitor and configure in the server is compensated by the easy-to-use Windows interface. Configuring authentication, looking at realtime statistics, adding new user accounts - everything is just several mouse clicks task.

Current version: 7.2.0

Main RADIUS Features

Wireless Authentication

802.11 authentication is supported to provide access control to wireless routers, access points, hotspots in EAP/WPA-Enterprise/WPA2-Enterprise modes (for password-based PEAP (EAP-MS-CHAPv2) and certificate based EAP-TLS and PEAP (EAP-TLS).

Policy-based Configuration

Any request RADIUS attribute, sender address, user name pattern or even SQL dynamic query may be used to handle authentication/accounting request in a special way.

Full SQL Scripting

SQL queries or stored procedures are used to control almost any aspect of RADIUS request processing, such as authentication, logging authentication status, checking or adding RADIUS attributes in request or response.

Multiple Authentication Backends

Several independent authentication backends are supported, including Active Directory/Windows domains, local Windows groups and accounts, LDAP directories, ClearBox internal user accounts database, any SQL Servers.