TACACS+ RADIUS Server Overview

ClearBox TACACS+ RADIUS server edition is suited for companies with a need for a TACACS+ server for the centralized control of a remote access to the network and network equipment: routers, switches, firewalls.

This product also supports RADIUS with basic set of features for wired connections authentication.

Current version: 5.0.5

Primary TACACS+ RADIUS Server Features

Full TACACS+ Protocol Implementation

ClearBox provides complete implementation of the TACACS+ protocol as is compliant with any TACACS+ clients vendors like Cisco, Fortigate, Aruba, Juniper, Citrix and other.

Per command authorization

One of the reasons to apply TACACS+ is to control each command that your stuff issue on the network equipment (so called per-command authorization). ClearBox is definitely strong here, brining regex power to describe allowed commands in a short way.

Authorization Access Matrix

Easy to set up user groups with different access to different equipment sets. Existing AD groups and users are fully supportted, too.

TACACS+ & RADIUS simultaneous support

ClearBox can serve both protocols at the same time. Even more, the same user accounts may be used for both protocols authentication and authorization.