Release notes for ClearBox TACACS+ RADIUS Server 4.9.4

October 05, 2021

  • Added: Support for client IP ranges using CIDR notation for RADIUS clients
  • Changed: RADIUS attributes database file raddict2k.mdb moved from \Program Files (x86)\ClearBox Server\RadDict to \Documents and Settings\Public\Documents\XPerience Technologies\ClearBox Server

Older Releases

ClearBox TACACS+ RADIUS 4.9.2

  • Changed: Legacy style for grouping regex ({} brackets) is not supported now. {} are now used for quantity quantifier {n}
  • Added: AD authentication may be extended with LDAP-based attributes checking
  • Fixed: long passwords for LDAP servers don't cause crashed
  • Added: RADIUS: User-Name may be converted from one to another MAC address form

ClearBox TACACS+ RADIUS 4.8.x

  • Added: Support for client IP ranges using CIDR notation
  • Added: TACACS+ performance statistics logging
  • Fixed: Bug with false-positive TACACS+ authentication
  • Fixed: Bug with ASCII authentication and message "Authentication type not allowed"

ClearBox TACACS+ RADIUS 4.7.x

  • Fixed: Bug with formatting date-time RADIUS attributes
  • Fixed: "Error creating file ..." messages occuring in midnight
  • Memory leaks fixed


  • Switched to the new advanced Regex library